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Monday, July 12, 2010

The objectives of Eternal University

The University will uphold and strive to achieve the following:

> Reasonable stewardship of the environment and its resources.
> Sustainable development in the State of Himachal Pradesh and India
> Linkage Learning and Research to the needs and life of the people of Himachal Pradesh and India .
> Justice to the minorities, and other weaker sections of the society, especially to women and the rural poor.
> Holistic development of the human person in, with, and through the community for leadership instilled by high moral values.
> National Unity and Communal Harmony.
> International Fellowship and Universal Brotherhood of man based on Guru Nanak's Philosophy to achieve permanent Peace in the World.
In all of the above, the University will help young and old without coercion or compulsion to deepen their commitment to a life of selfless service to the community.
Students enrolled in the academic programs will be exposed to a diverse and wide range of technical and non-technical education and training, which will enable them to develop intellectual and training skills in their respective fields. The University will also simultaneously provide career counseling and guidance by keeping the students informed about the potential job opportunities and will help them in making prudent decisions regarding their future careers. It will maintain and promote close linkage and active contact with potential employers, both in National and Multi-national Corporations, while involving their executives and faculties, to interact with the students through lectures, seminars, symposia and class room participation. Eternal University will also strive to prepare its students to take up the leadership in education, science, engineering, medicine, health care, politics and community development.

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