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About Us

Aims & Objectives of our Literary Society:

1. To inspire the students to read and write good literary works in
the global language English.
2. To inspire them to collect more information about the famous
literary figures in both the languages.
3. To inspire them to surf websites related to great authors, poets
and dramatists.
4. To inspire them to participate in various events and improve and
brush up their intrapersonal skills.
5. To increase the student's ability to improve and utilize the
skills necessary to be a competent interpersonal communicator.
6. To increase the student's understanding of his or her own
communication behaviour.
7. To increase the student's understanding of others communication
8. To improve the student's communication skills in both social and
professional contexts.
9. To improve the student's ability to demonstrate effective
conflict resolution skills.

Our Origin:

The Eternal English Literary Society organised its first
Declamation Competition on sunday, 13th september 2009. The
inaugural ceremony of the society was performed by lightening a
traditional lamp by the chief guest Honourable Dr. Mrs. Neelam
Kaur, Dean, Health Sciences, Eternal University, Baru Sahib,
who presided over the function. Dr. M.P. Sidhu, Director of the
University's Communication Skills Cell and founder of the Society
welcomed the guests and outlined the objectives of the society.

Our Executive Team:

President: Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma, Associate Professor (English), Eternal University.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Shelly Thakur, Lecturer (Comm. Skills), ACET.

Student Secretary: Mr. Vishal Sharma, EC-B, 3rd Year, ACET.

Student Secretary: Ms. Ruchika Bansal, EC-B, 3rd Year, ACET.