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Our President

Dr. Kul Bhushan Kumar joined Eternal University in August, 20I0 as an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Communication Skills. He is M.A. (Jammu), P.G.D.B.A.; F.M.S.P. Ph.D. (Jaunpur), D. Litt. (Pursuing). His comprehensive academic background coupled with internationally approved excellent training and versatile experiences vibrate him with confidence. His versatile personality allows him to “wear multiple hats” and excel in teaching English literature and English language modules designed for various professional courses.
Dr. Kul Bhushan has sound understanding of contemporary theories, research and analytical skills in analyzing learners’ linguistic, sociolinguistic, discourse and strategic competence, needs analysis, error analysis, post teaching evaluation and investigating learner variables like linguistic, cognitive, meta-cognitive and social cognitive aspects.
He has sound awareness of sociolinguistic issues like pragmatics, ethno- methodology, language and culture, language and gender, social and regional varieties of English, multilingualism, multiculturalism etc., with sound understanding of major trends and movements in the history of English literature. These skills are critically to appreciate all the genres using the literary meta- language resulting in effective English teaching at different levels. He has strong organizational and creative skills in innovative communicative course design, authentic materials development, task design (both real world and pedagogic) and lesson planning having characteristics like learner centeredness, social effectiveness and reconstructionalism, cultural pluralism, integrated skills, communicative language teaching etc.
With a teaching experience of more than 15 years at the post-graduate level and about ten years at undergraduate level, he has worked at world famous colleges & universities, such as G.V. Pant P. G. College, K. N. P.G. College (under V B S Purvanchal University U.P.), Banaras Hindu University, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara. Punjab, and Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Mohali.

He has a knack to work & excel in multiple roles like Admission/Counseling Coordinator; Faculty Development Program coordinator; Member, Syllabus- Structure Committee; In-charge, Member Faculty Selection Interview Panel Committee (English and Communication Skills); Head Admission, Counseling, Training and Placement Department.
He is a paper setter of the universities like, Punjab Agriculture University, Punjab Technical University, U P Technical University, (U P). He has delivered invited lectures and held workshops at various Technical institutions, colleges and in the Universities, as a Faculty Development Programmer. He has conducted various workshops for Personality Development & Evaluation; Phonetics and Linguistics; Communication Skills and Self-motivation, etc.

His main focus areas of research are: Linguistics, Pedagogic Grammar, Curriculum Construction and Materials Development, Language Teaching in Practice, Conversation Analysis, Sociolinguistics, Nature of Language Learning (Psycholinguistics) and Communication Skills.

He has authored three books:
1. D. H. Lawrence: Instincts and Insights;
2. A Handbook of Structural Grammar;
3. Effective Communication Skills.